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Virtual Symposium

Welcome to The Legacy Project's Virtual Symposium, a site for ongoing discussions of remembrance issues in cultures around the world. Users are invited to send their comments on these discussions by posting messages on the Online Forum.

Current Discussions

The Future of the Holocaust, by Berel Lang
We know much about how the Holocaust was carried out, and the scope of its brutality. We don't yet understand clearly how it has shaped our present-day expectations of the future. Legacy Project Fellow Berel Lang discusses how human awareness was altered by a recognition of the historic crime that was the Holocaust.

The Holocaust, seen from the Arab World, by Rami Khouri
The Holocaust marked a turning point in the history of the Western world. More than half a century later, it is still shaping western conceptions of human rights, pluralism, and state violence. In propelling this transformation of Western values out into the global world, the Holocaust has also become a touchpoint - sometimes an uneasy one - in cultures far from the original scene of the crime. In the Arab world, a clash of values, and the politics of the Middle East, have all but obscured the Western view of the Holocaust's significance.

Looking Back on Partition, by Radha Kumar
The 1947 partition of India and Pakistan was the largest of the 20th century. More than a million deaths. Tens of millions of refugees abandoning old homes and crossing new borders. Since then, three wars between India and Pakistan, and continuing tensions. Another war that resulted in the independence of Bangladesh, a further division of Pakistan. Radha Kumar reflects on the legacy of this restive partition.