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Oscar Rabine

(1931 - )


Barrack in Lianozovo
House and Cheese in Normandy
Landscape with Herrings and Russian Kerchief
Nostalgia for a Dollar
Nature Morte
Backyard in Alsace with a Cow
Barracks with Double Eagle Crest and Swan
Landscape with Helicopter
Painting with Flying Houses
Petticoat and Salted Cod
Road with Lantern
Russian Landscape with Train Cars
The Skulls


Russia / France


Born in 1928 in Moscow, Oscar Yakovlevich Rabine is a painter and graphic artist, and one of the organizers of the nonconformist movement. From 1946 to 1948, he studied at the Riga Academy of Arts, and from 1948 to 1949 at Moscow's Surikov State Art Institute, from which he was expelled for "formalism." Rabin's professional and moral development was strongly influenced by his father-in-law, the artist and poet Ye. Kropivnitsky. Rabin was a leading figure in the "Lianozovo Group," which took its name from the small settlement in the Moscow region where the Kropivnitsky family lived. In 1978, he was forced to emigrate from the USSR and was deprived of his citizenship "for behavior discreditable to the title of Soviet artist." He now lives and works in Paris. He has participated in and initiated numerous exhibitions and political actions by independent artists. He recently had a solo exhibition at the Mimi Ferzt Gallery in New York (March/April 2001).

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